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Chimney services

Does your new property have existing fireplaces that you would like to use? It is essential to have the chimneys checked before using, they may not have been swept for some time, could be a chimney fire risk and potentially dangerous.


If the property has been vacant there could also be the risk of having a bird nest in there which is blocking the flue, which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Contact AAA Roofing today for any kind of chimney services.

Clean up your chimney today!

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Full range of chimney services

A sweeping certificate is issued on every chimney swept recognised by all leading insurance companies.


Other chimney services are also available such as the fitting of chimney pots and cowls, bird guards, wood burning and multi fuel stove installation or refitting, service, repairs and maintenance, bird nest removal and CCTV inspections and flue liner installation and repair.

Chimney repairs

We offer a wide range of chimney services. Call

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A full range of chimney services available